2016 Strong Man competitors test fitness, strength

In the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports gym on Nov. 17, the SMU community congregated to watch the 6th annual Strong Man Competition unfold.

This year, 10 competitors–six men and four women– tested their strength and endurance through three lifts: bench press, dead life and chin-up, to see who would win the title of this year’s Strong Man and Woman.

Participants were divided into weight classes and had three attempts to execute each exercise. In order to equalize the platform, a mathematical equation dividing the contender’s best score with their body mass was used to calculate their strength ratio.

This year’s winners are as follows:


1. Victor Beck

  • Bench press- 270 lbs.
  • Dead lift- 485 lbs.
  • Chin-ups- 21

2. Brandon Yang

  • Bench press- 255 lbs.
  • Dead lift- 535 lbs.
  • Chin-ups- 10

3. Chandler Thomlison

  • Bench press- 275 lbs
  • Dead lift- 505 lbs
  • Chin-ups- 14

SMU Strong Man 2016-1446-L.jpg
Photo credit: Mustang Fitness Club


1. Rebecca Castillo

  • Bench press- 130 lbs.
  • Dead lift- 265 lbs
  • Chin-ups- 7 (assisted weight 30 lbs)

2. Sydney Lavigne

  • Bench press- 100 lbs
  • Dead lift- 170 lbs
  • Chin-ups- 7

3. Sophia Ho

  • Bench press- 80 lbs
  • Dead lift- 190 lbs
  • Chin-ups- 9 (assisted weight 25 lbs)

2016 Strong Man winner Victor Beck said he thought the competition was a success and had a positive experience.

“It was so fun getting to compete alongside my friends and see everyone bring the best that they had to the table,” the SMU senior said. “When it really comes down to it, competing is all about setting personal records and proving to yourself that you can do something you’ve never done before…Weightlifting is all about improving day after day and year over year and if you can do that at the competition, you’re at the top of your own personal podium.”

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