3 things to expect at tonight’s Rock the Vote

It’s homecoming week here at SMU. To continue this spirit-filled week, Rock the Vote will take place tonight at 6 p.m. in Moody Coliseum. For those of you who have yet to experience the booming energy that takes place during this event, GET READY!

Students from all affiliations across SMU come decked out in their organizations’ gear to cheer on their Homecoming candidates. Signs, balloons, and chants will fill the space at Moody. Here are three things to expect at this spirited event:

Rock Vote .png
Spirit and balloons soared at 2014’s Rock the Vote in Moody Coliseum. Photo credit: Taylor Hardy

Expect the unexpected

Candidates will be put on the spot. Emcees will call them to the center of the gym to pose questions and perform tasks while hundreds of students watch. (Now that must be nerve-racking.) Last year, candidates were asked to do everything from breaking down their best dance move to comparing themselves to kitchen appliances.

Be prepared to lose your voice

Ears will be ringing tonight. Students scream and show their spirit to gain recognition from the judges. If you want the judges’ attention to help boost points for your organization, say goodbye to those vocal chords and hello to school spirit. The louder you are, the better!

Be ready for a night of surprises

Rock the Vote always brings out some surprise performances and appearances. Last year the Pom squad did an outstanding performance, and the stadium went wild when SMU basketball coach Larry Brown addressed the crowd.

Get ready for a night full of performances – and maybe some more guest appearances.

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