$4 million in gifts to SMU Tower Center

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Southern Methodist University hasn’t earned the nickname “Southern Millionaires University” for nothing.

Over $4 million has recently been gifted to the university’s Tower Center program. Highland Capital Management LP gifted the program $2 million, while the Hamon Charitable Foundation and Berry R. Cox Family Foundation relayed gifts of $1 million each. Over $400,000 has been donated to the Center by several other sources.

The Tower Center program is unique to SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities & Science, by promoting public service, educating future leaders and encouraging the study of public policy and international affairs.

The money received will be dispersed among the Highland Capital Management Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund, the Jake L. Hamon Endowed Internship Program and operational support, along with various other areas in the Center program.

SMU President R. Gerald Turner is one of the many people excited about the donations. Turner’s enthusiasm is apparent. In a recent Dallas Morning News article, Turner says that “the gifts that make this program possible allow students to begin gaining professional perspectives while working toward their undergraduate degrees, bridging the usual gap between graduation and career development.”

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