A concert that could charm a snake

Gypsy dancing Photo credit: Chloe Dinsdale

All the way from Rajasthan, India, The Gypsy Caravan visited SMU this afternoon at the Taubman Atrium in the Owen Art Center. The Meadows School of the Arts hosted the acclaimed music and dance group on their 2014 U.S. tour in the Expanding Your Horizons Brown Bag Concert Series.

The group showcased traditional music and dance from Rajasthan. The music and dance is passed down from generation to generation.

“Music is in our blood,” said their lead musician, Imamddin.

Double flute Photo credit: Chloe Dinsdale

The performance encompassed songs about saints, folk goddesses, mystical and love songs to promote their roots in storytelling, devotional singing, puppeteers, gypsies and fire dancers.

Dancers expressed very intense movements while balancing towers on their heads. Dancers also balanced on cups, pans and even knives while performing precise hand movements in the traditional dance. The dances were all about sharp moves, spins and hip hits.

“My favorite dance was when one of the women balanced on knives while also balancing a seven story tower on top of her head, unsecured,” said Ashley Saquic, a student who attended the performance. “It was very entertaining.”

Balancing act Photo credit: Chloe Dinsdale

The group will be performing all over the U.S. in their colorful costumes, mustaches and jewelry playing instruments like the double flute, Snake Charmers flute and the Castanet.

More information can be found about the cause and the tour on their website.

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