Abbott watch party is warming up in Austin

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Abbott watch party getting set up in Austin. Photo credit: Claire Kelley

AUSTIN – Attorney General Greg Abbott’s press secretary Avdeil Huerta summed up the mood at Abbott’s watch party, even before guests have arrived: excitement.

“We’re expecting over 2000 people here at the Moody Theater,” said Huerta. “Greg Abbott has been campaigning aggressively through the state of Texas. We’re excited to see the results, and we’re excited to see Greg Abbott as the future governor of the state of Texas.”

Huerta has visited with his candidate today, and says Abbott is prepared to celebrate a victory with loved ones.

“He’s excited, he’s been with family and friends,” said Huerta. “He will be watching the results come in. We’re ecstatic. Tonight Gregg Abbott will be the future Governor of the state of Texas.”

Across the street from Moody Theater in downtown Austin, voting continues. Some voters are entering the polling station, then leaving immediately because of long lines.​

The Austin reporting team arrives at the capital. Photo credit: Claire Kelley

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