Announcing your 2016-17 Student Senate

The new Student Senate Officers (L) Graduate Affairs Mason Potter, Secretary Will Jones, President Blake Rainey and Vice President Nicki Fletcher. Photo credit: Christina Cox

Student Senate election results were announced March 24 in Hughes-Trigg Student Center. According to Student Senate, 2,005 SMU students voted in this year’s election.

Photo credit: Blake Rainey


President: Junior Blake Rainey was elected President. Rainey’s goals as president are to reform reform the services and facets of the university that tuition money goes towards (including dining, parking and safety), empower students to set up appointments with senators to make a change and deliver real solutions to issues within the Student Senate.


Vice President: Junior Nicki Fletcher was elected Vice President. “Creating opportunities for SMU students to expand their career potential is a challenge that I am passionate about pursuing,” Fletcher said on her campaign website. She hopes to connect SMU students to more resources on campus and through an online calendar.

Photo credit: Will Jones

Secretary: Junior Will Jones was elected Secretary. He will continue his role as Student Body Secretary, which he took on as interim in January. Jones said he is working on legislation to create a Queer Student Senate Seat, a Military Veterans Student Senate Seat and an Athletic Student Senate Seat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 5.27.58 PM.png
Photo credit: Mason Potter

Graduate Affairs Officer: Graduate student Mason Potter was elected Graduate Affairs Officer.

The 2015-16 Student Senate Officers with the incoming 2016-17 Student Senate Officers and Student Senate Advisor Jennifer Jones. Photo credit: Christina Cox


The following is the full election result list for all senators:


  • David Sherzad
  • Vivian Frederick
  • Trevor Thomas
  • Cameron Farr
  • Nizh McLaughlin
  • Samuel Gordon
  • Nathan Jajan


  • Spencer Reppond
  • Fairooz Adams
  • DK Manley
  • Kennady Galloway
  • Declan Healey
  • Donna Charkuar


  • Nathan Revaren
  • Caroline Street
  • Matthew Lucci
  • Julian Gutierez
  • Aleena Tautia
  • Ryan Uukasin


  • Grant Dow


  • Davis Wells
  • Julia Scambray
  • Ben Ovenshire
  • Kelsey Shipman
  • Trey Dalton
  • Adam Bixby
  • Baxter Cantrell


  • Naomi Samuel


  • Sidora Ibad


  • Jose Santoyo

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