Boaz wins Residential Commons Olympics

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Armstrong Commons sinks into the water after their boat filled up with too much water from their opponents. Photo credit: Christina Cox

Boaz won the Residential Commons Olympics Friday. Teams competed in events all afternoon and evening – ranging from kickball to Connect 4 to human battleship.

The Boaz Commons Facebook posted this status after the event: “Congratulations to everyone who play[ed] for Boaz pride and thank you to everyone who cheered us on to victory!”

Human battleship is basically the traditional Battleship game, but with real people in real canoes in a real pool. The objective is to sink the other teams’ canoes before yours.

“Human battleship was the best,” first-year Kay Rodgers said. “It was really crazy.”

Another student favorite was bubble soccer – a game with no fouls. Players wear a plastic “bubble” pumped full of air which cushions, and even bounces, the players when they fall down.

“It was the coolest game,” first-year Abby Argo said. “If they actually had bubble soccer as a real sport, I would so play it.”

Other games included wallyball (a variation of volleyball), a cupstacking competition and a rock-paper-scissors tournament.

Students showcased their spirit with Commons crest t-shirts, banners and flags. One flag, made by Crum Commons, said, “Crum and take it.”

Along with being titled champions of the Olympics, Boaz won 100 points for the Commons Cup.

The Commons Cup competition is not just limited to one event, or even one semester. It is an on-going, yearly competition between all of the commons to earn points. At the end of the year, the team with the most points will be crowned champion.

Teams can earn points at special events, like the Residential Commons Olympics held last Friday. But they can also earn points by donated canned foods, attending sporting events and for high GPAs.

Teams also won 25 points from Mustang Corral at the “Capture the Commons” event. Those teams were McElvaney, Virgina-Snider, and Mary Hay, Peyton and Shuttles.

These point totals will be updated throughout the year as teams compete to earn more.

To the feed from our live coverage of the Residential Commons Olympics, visit the page here.

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