BREAKING: Suspicious package reported outside Fondren Library, no threat found

Dallas Police and University Park Fire Departments investigating a suspicious package reported outside of Fondren Library on Aug. 17, 2015. Photo credit: Christina Cox

Dallas Police arrived on campus today around noon to investigate what they call a “suspicious package” located outside of Fondren Library Center on campus.

After an investigation by Dallas Police and a bomb squad team, local Police cleared the area and announced that there was no remaining threat on campus.

According to Circulation Desk Supervisor Cindy Olson, the “suspicious package” was a tape-covered bucket located on the west-side entrance of the library for a little more than a year.

“You know we have cats on campus, I always thought that someone had made a makeshift little cathouse for one of the cats,” Olson said. “But I could never see the other side to see if there’s a hole in it.”

Someone noticed the bucket today and reported it to the local authorities.

Local authorities remained on campus for about an hour investigating the matter. Photo credit: Christina Cox

Olson and other library staff members tried to tell them that the item was there for about a year, but police and SMU administrators stated that they had to follow protocol on this matter.

At about 12:45 p.m. local authorities left SMU’s campus and announced that there was no longer a threat in the area.

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