Bush Center’s 43 Club to host Real Estate Council’s Young Guns

This Wednesday evening, The Bush Center’s 43 Club prepares to host another of its esteemed guests. Its upcoming lecture titled “Cocktails and Conversation on Economic Growth” on October 24 will welcome The Real Estate Council’s Young Guns as the final 43 Club lecture of the 2018 series.

The 43 Club is a premium membership tier at the Presidential Center designed to offer more exclusive opportunities to its members. The 43 Club is designed for young adults and hosts exclusive lectures for its members like the one this Wednesday night. Beyond lectures, The 43 Club offers opportunities through other social gatherings and networking events.

The Bush Center was unavailable for comment on the gathering.

The Real Estate Council’s Young Guns are a group of real estate professionals 35 and under who gather and discuss a variety of issues in the surrounding Dallas community. Members get invitations to all events associated with the program and have opportunities within the group for various networking and professional development programming.

Additionally, their joint event with the 43 Club will be an evening of networking and social interaction focused on economic growth in the Dallas community. The evening will put two groups rife with young talent in the surrounding Dallas community in the same room for a few hours.

When the Young Guns arrive on Wednesday evening, they will join the exclusive club of Ken Hersh and others who have been esteemed guests of The 43 Club. This Wednesday’s event will continue the heritage of past events in bringing in some of the brightest minds to take part in the transformative experience of The 43 Club.

This Wednesday’s gathering is another one of The 43 Club’s social gatherings which are the most predominant activity that they feature. Most of the events are in the format of a cocktail gathering where The 43 Club discuss important local issues with other community groups. As an active member in the Dallas community, the Young Guns will bring an interesting perspective as they engage in community service through their Foundation Project and host their own social events.

The Real Estate Council’s Young Guns will bring unique perspectives to The 43 Club as they engage in dialogue over cocktails at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. With economic growth being an important dynamic recently amid an escalating trade war with China and more jobs coming back to the United States, the two organizations will have plenty to talk about.