Celebrate irrationally this Pi Day

While this mathematical constant never repeats itself, Pi Day comes full circle once a year on March 14. Also marking Albert Einstein’s birthday, Pi Day is the day that gives every math lover an excuse to increase their circumference with endless amounts of pi-inspired pie.

If you want to celebrate in a more savory way, Pizza Hut is offering a way to make this Pi Day a bit more satisfying with a chance to win free pizza pies for those who can solve one of their three puzzling math problems.

For all you math lovers out there, indulge in these sweet pi memes:

If you understand this, you realize just how important this day is.

And if you aren’t as nerdy as the rest of us, here’s how to understand pi in less time than it takes to say 3.14159265.

So, in honor of Einstein’s 137th birthday, grab a fork and indulge in an endless plate of pie. After all, this irrational excuse only works once a year.

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