Centennial Picnic gives Texas State Fair a run for its money

SMU gave the Texas State Fair a run for its money with its Centennial Picnic Thursday afternoon in honor of SMU’s 100th birthday. The event featured carnival games, fair food, live music and other festivities, entertaining alumni, students, faculty and donors throughout the early afternoon.

The event kicked off at noon Thursday as the Centennial Commemoration came to a close in McFarlin Auditorium. The free food and carnival games attracted several passersby to attend the event during their lunch hour.

“We came from a study group,” said senior Devyn Pels, who ate alongside four other classmates towards the end of the event. “We heard there were corn dogs and barbeque, which already ran out, and it put a spear in my heart.”

Others, however, were more fortunate in their experiences at the picnic. “Everyone’s having a good time,” said Kate Moreland, coordinator of the National Major Giving Programs. “It’s been great to see lots of people I recognize from working here.”


At the beginning of the picnic, food such as burgers, corn, funnel cakes, popcorn and beans filled the tables surrounding the flagpole in front of Dallas Hall Lawn. Once participants gathered a plate full of food, they then lounged at the numerous tables and tents near Clements Hall and enjoyed the live music.

“It’s like a more casual boulevard,” said first year Hanan Muzemil.

After receiving their fill of fair delicacies, many attendees then attempted the fair booths that were setup next to Cox. Each of the booths were free, and they even gave away prizes such as small SMU flags, Peruna hats and backpacks, which quickly ran out. The booths featured classic games such as Milk Can Toss, Bust a Balloon, Lonestar Shoot-Out and several other games.


While the event sparked much excitement and brought out quite the crowd, others were skeptical about the necessity of the event.

“I wonder how deep SMU stuck their hands into the tuition pot,” said second year Ify Achu. “I think it was a pretty big handful.”

SMU was not responsible for the sole funding of the picnic; Aramark, the larger corporation that oversees SMU Campus Dining service, sponsored the event.

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