Chipotle offers free ‘Raincheck’ burritos

Chipotle closed? Have no fear.

Chipotle restaurants across the country shut their doors today during lunch-rush for a four-hour long meeting to discuss food safety issues and implementations of new procedures. In order to keep their customers satisfied, Chipotle has offered a deal too good to refuse: free burritos!

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During today’s meeting, employees tune in via satellite as founder Steve Ellis and Co-CEO Monty Moran discuss what changes will be made in the future as well as thanking the CDC for “declaring the E. Coli breakout over” earlier last week. Ellis also emphasizes that “food safety changes will not compromise taste or [their] commitment to Food with Integrity.”

Chipotle also live-tweeted throughout the meeting to keep customers in the loop, highlighting key quotes made by Ellis and Moran.

Despite recent bad press about food safety, Chipotle has been working to rebuild its image and reputation in the eyes of their loyal customers. The “Raincheck” burrito initiative brings them a step closer to regaining their lost ground.

Chipotle restaurants reopened again at 3 p.m. today.

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