Construction enters Phase 2 with no end in sight

By Sammie Olivia

SMU adds another chapter to its seemingly endless saga of campus construction projects. Another shock—this “improvement” will add to the already nightmarish parking situation for students and faculty.

An illustration of where students and faculty can (and cannot) park at Expressway Tower.

Today marks the second phase of construction activities at Expressway Tower. This undertaking will take place on the south side of the building.

As if parking was not already limited on campus, this ten day phase also affects SMU All University Parking along the fence of the east side of the building. Keep in mind the parking area on the west side of the building remains closed, and students, faculty and staff may still not park on the south side of the building.

Though ten days is a seemingly bearable amount, the email sent out yesterday briefly mentioned the third phase that will follow the completion of this project.

So if you thought the end was near, there’s still a ways to go. But SMU is offering alternate parking for vehicles with valid SMU permits on the East Campus. The top level, and the top level ONLY, of the Everest College building will be open.

Good luck to all students and faculty on the hunt for a spot.


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