COVID-19 cases surge on campus, SMU remains at low operational level

COVID-19 numbers are quickly rising on SMU’s campus in recent weeks. As of Sept. 9, there are 106 active coronavirus cases at SMU.

In the last month the number of cases on campus has increased from 12 to 106. All cases are self-reported and testing remains optional for students.

Despite the recent surge, the university is functioning at a “low operational level” meaning most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. It is the lowest operational level.

This week, SMU notified professors that most classes will be required to have a Zoom recording of classes. Students who test positive, and have medical proof, will have access to the recordings. However, the policy to access those recordings for those who are contact traced remains unknown.

A mask mandate is in place that requires all students to wear masks in any indoor space on campus. Dallas has been declared a “red zone” for COVID since Aug. 3, which comes with its own restrictions.