Crosses return to Dallas Hall lawn

Wondering what the crosses on Dallas Hall Lawn are all about?

Each spring, they are placed on the lawn by Mustangs for Life, a pro-life club that works to protect human rights from conception to death.

The cross display, called “Memorial of Innocents” is intended to, “honor the lives lost to abortion and to give a voice to post-abortive women,” according to the signs in front of the memorial.

Last year the club put out over 2,000 crosses to represent the number of abortions that occur each day in the United States.

“In March 2017, Mustangs for Life honored the lives of 2,500 children aborted in the USA every day by placing 2,500 crosses on the Dallas Hall Lawn to spark dialogue about the value of both the mother and her child,” according to the club’s page on Connect.SMU.

This year a red carnation was also placed in front of the crosses.

Mustangs for Life will be tabling by the flagpole through Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to discuss this topic.

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