Dallas County Democrats celebrate their victories

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While Texas followed tradition by electing Republican candidate Greg Abbott for governor this election, the Dallas Country Democrats celebrated their local victories tonight. Final tallies according to the Dallas County Elections show that while Davis may have been defeated on a state level, she won 54% of voters across Dallas County.

“It’s a mixed, bittersweet moment,” said Darlene Ewing, chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party about the night’s results. “But locally, in a tough year where Republicans are winning a lot, we held our own in Dallas County.”

Aside from the neck-to-neck race for District Attorney between Susan Hawk and Craig Watkins, the rest of the county went blue with foreseeable victories for judges such as Clay Jenkins. This election could be the fifth consecutive county sweep for the Democrats since Ewing took office.

On another note, it seemed SMU’s student journalists weren’t the only ones getting live action coverage of the events as they unfolded at the watch party. The DCDP’s Communication Director, Kathleen Thompson, was live tweeting and blogging the event as well.

“Social media is a great tool to communicate with people in a way they prefer,” she said. “You have to meet people where they are and some of our people are online. We go to them there with top notch writing, graphics, and a really strong message that’s obviously resonating here in Dallas County.”

According to the DCDP’s Twitter feed, Wendy Davis won among Texas voters under the age of 45, a group that encompasses tech-savvy millennials.

“Our hard work has paid off,” she said.

In Dallas County, it sure has. That concludes our coverage this evening of the DCDP’s official watch party, stay tuned for updates from SMU-TV and the Daily Campus on the conclusion of tonight’s results.

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