Dallas County Democrats have called the Cruz-O’Rourke race, acknowledging Cruz win

Dallas County Democrats have admitted defeat at the Hyatt Regency Dallas tonight. They accepted that despite an extremely close race, O’Rourke was unable to beat out the incumbent Cruz. This was reported by SMU Daily Campus reporters Hannah Miller and Sriya Reddy.

Regarding Colin Allred’s win, Attendee Domingo Garcia said, “We have come a long way…hope overcomes fear, and when we work together we can achieve.”

“When we work together we can achieve.”

In Houston, Ted Cruz said, “Tonight is a victory for the people of Texas.” He added, “The race wasn’t about me or Beto. It was about a contest of ideas.” Daily Campus reporter Connor Pittman and photographer Zach Fiedler report from there.

According to CNBC, “Cruz overcame significant deficits in fundraising and enthusiasm to defeat Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke in one of the most closely watched races in the country.”

With Cruz’s victory, Democrats lose hope of winning a Texas Senate seat, which hasn’t happened since 1988.

The New York Times reported that many leaders in the Republican party questioned whether Cruz would be able to defeat a candidate like O’Rourke, who is known for his charisma, and who was able to raise more than $70 million for his campaign, compared to Cruz’s PAC-raised $40 million.