Dallas Festival of Ideas is coming to Fair Park

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Looking for a free, productive event to go to this weekend?

The Dallas Festival of Ideas, which is in part sponsored by the Meadows School of the Arts, is coming to Dallas Feb.19 through Saturday, Feb. 20 at Fair Park.

This event will feature various speakers and performers that will share their talent and ideas.

The purpose of this event is to help shape the city of Dallas into a thriving community by bringing people together and enabling them to engage with different art and ideas. The event offers a platform for diverse art, since all the performers will bring a talent from various parts of the world.

The opening ceremony will take place Friday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Performers will include music by Jason Davis and his Quartet, the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy and dance by Kimi Nikaidoh, Artistic Director of the Bruce Wood Dance Project.

The event will showcase four stages Saturday: The Auditorium, The Literary Stage, The Performance Stage and The Central Zone. The stages are aimed to engage the spectator with a deeper understanding of each of the art forms. Each stage will host speakers that specialize in the respective field. Additionally, poets and artists will be in the surrounding area.

Some of the speakers will include Russell Simmons, Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications; James Ragland, Commentator on The Dallas Morning News; Lauren Silverman, Health, Technology, and Science Reporter for KERA; and closing speaker Bishop T.D. Jakes of TDJ Enterprises.

The event is free and available to people of all ages, but registration is required. Follow this link to register if you are interested in attending.

Not sure the event is for you? Here is some of the buzz surrounding the Festival of Ideas.

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