Dallas teams struggle

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Dallas teams struggle

With the school year winding down, the attitudes around campus are showing promise.

Students are frolicking around campus with spring break fresh on their minds. Failing to find their way into the library, they have instead acquired respectable status in the Green Elephant.

Classes are the last things that surface in the minds of all “aspiring” students.

Though the normal SMU student is lost in the downward spiral they call the spring semester, there are athletes out there competing vigorously this spring.

The football team is settling into spring football and their new coaching staff. Practice is extremely intense. Players try not to jump offsides or not complete each drill going 110 percent. Their penalty is an endless road of up-downs and push-ups.

There is definitely a different feeling when you step out onto the football field. Head coach Phil Bennett and his staff have brought a work ethic and attitude that has been needed.

Let’s turn the tables and talk professional sporst for the first time this year.

First off, the Mavericks, while they have a good team, will not win a championship this year. They are currently sitting in a position which will allow them to play the Portland Trail Blazers, which will result in a first round exit.

Another reason the Mavericks will not win: the Los Angeles Lakers. Although the Mavericks did beat the Lakers and gave everyone in Dallas a chance to party since the Stars and the Cowboys have jumped off the championship market and are struggling for playoff spots these days, the Mavericks will never beat the Lakers in a seven-game series.

The Lakers have Shaq – end of story. Who will the Mavs throw at him? Raef LaFrentz?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would be better off trading for a WWF wrestler. At least that’ll give him someone with an upper body.

The Rangers are in for a treat this year. While they looked good going into spring training, there are some major problems developing. The Rangers are set on closer John Rocker to start off this season. Let’s just hope that he keeps his mouth shut and throws strikes.

I am more worried about the events that might transpire in the clubhouse than the win-lose column right now.

Now onto the Stars. Recently they traded one young guy, Jamie Langenbrunner and one old guy, Joe Nieuwendyk for two New Jersey Devils. Randy McKay and Jason Arnott recently took the ice for the Stars.

It seems that the Stars are playing with a little bit more attitude right now.

It may be the trade it may not, but they look good.

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