Dedman college thrives on alumni donations

By Kara Fellows

At some point in their college career, every student at SMU will have to take a class in the Dedman College of Humanities & Science. Many of these classes lead to students picking their majors and minors. All of this is made possible through the donations of Dedman alumni.

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As the Endowment Committee Chair for Student Senate for the past three years, Elise Redetzke has seen the impact these alumni donations have.

“Every year our goal is to beat our numbers from the previous year,” said Redetzke. “And to distribute those funds in the most effective way.”

Dedman College is the largest and most diverse school on SMU campus. With more than 90 majors and minors, 31 graduate programs, and over 300 faculty members on campus, it’s no surprise that its alumni can be found almost anywhere.

There are nearly 10,000 alumni in Dallas County and 36,000 worldwide. Their continued support allows Dedman College to be all that it is.

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