Dedman School of Law Symposium

Photo credit: Justine Mcgregor

Today the Dedman School of Law hosted the 11th Annual Symposium on Emerging Intellectual Property Issues. This year the topic of the event was on The Supreme Court and Intellectual Property Law.

“The Supreme Court was incredibly active in intellectual property this past year, so the goal of the symposium is to review all the Supreme Court decisions, and to understand how those impacted intellectual property,” said SMU Professor of Law W. Keith Robinson. “Then we want talk about what we expect the Supreme Court to be in the future and help people interested in IP and practitioners understand what they can do for their jobs in light of all the Supreme Court decisions.”

The panelists included professors, lawyers, associates and partners from various schools and companies in the DFW area. They covered a range of topics all pertaining IP law in the past year.

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