Dejected Dallas Democrats assume White House is lost

By Nate Williams

The mood? Hopeless.

The once radiant ballroom has all but died. Looks of failure and dragging feet leave the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas as Democrats prepare for the assumed loss of the White House.

“I guess it just shows people’s frustration,” said watch party attendee Kenneth Day. “They want to see something different; change. The last few elections you hear a lot of candidates talk about change, change, change and maybe people see (Trump) as a change.”

Kenneth Day at the Dallas Democrats watch party on Nov. 8 Photo credit: Nate Williams

Earlier in the night, unrest loomed over the ballroom as Dallas Democrats grit their teeth and watched as yet another state turned red. Though the fluctuating state colors upset many attendees, none were hit harder than Shiren Foroudi. As a charter school teacher, Foroudi works with undocumented and underprivileged children every day.

“This is insane,” Foroudi said. “I just don’t understand!”

For Foroudi, this election means more than hurt pride. She fears losing this election means she’ll lose the children she has worked so hard to help become productive American citizens.

Shiren Foroudi at the Dallas Democrats watch party on Nov. 8 Photo credit: Nate Williams

“I hope that they can still have a future that they’ve been working really hard for,” Foroudi said as tears welled in her eyes. “Trump’s promoting this idea of being afraid. What are you afraid of? My valedictorian is undocumented. She keeps her head to the ground and just works. People are afraid of her because she works really hard. It’s a lot easier to push her to the side and cross these kinds of people out.”

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