Delta Sigma Pi brothers take bonding to new heights

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), a professional business fraternity on campus showed off their adventurous side Feb. 4 at Dallas IFLY.

“One of the more adventurous sides of the professional fraternity is having a bonding event where we have 10-15 go up in a plane and go skydiving here in Texas,” DSP brother Brianna Massas said.

Just as preparation is key in the professional world, DSP brothers practiced for their big jump at an indoor wind tunnel.

“Dallas IFLY which is like Peter Pan in a can, it’s a room you can fly in,” professional skydiver Sean MacCormac said.

Red Bull’s Air Force Team of professional jumpers showed the brothers a thing or two about how to fly.

“I love watching first timers go in the tunnel,” Red Bull athlete Jeff Provenzano said. “It’s super funny to watch their faces but it’s just cool to see them just having fun and getting to experience something that I love.”

Experiencing the wind tunnel had DSP brother and Brotherhood Development Chair Tyler Steudel’s adrenaline rushing.

“I got in there and man it just like blows you away,” Steudel said. “There’s no other feeling like it.”

Now with their feet back on the ground, the group can’t wait for take off.

“Especially walking out of the tunnel with my heart racing already,” Steudel said. “I was ready to go off the plane!”

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