Facebook: Twitter 2.0

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After a busy afternoon, I decided to chill out, watch the Sunday night football game, and check up on Facebook to see if anything exciting happened to anyone of my high school friends. As I scan the news feed, I was in shock of what I saw.

I actually felt overwhelmed by the amount of news regarding the VMAs, which I had decided not to watch for a reason. I found out what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift, how outrageous Lady Gaga’s outfit was, the different tributes to Michael Jackson made by Madonna and Janet Jackson, and when Muse was performing. It felt like I was getting more play-by-play about the VMAs than the football game.

I feel like Facebook has pretty much become Twitter with personality quizzes and fun game apps. Seriously, that’s all there is. All I see are tons of status updates, saying how the weather sucks, how school sucks, or how life sucks. Sometimes it feels like all anyone is doing is updating us on what pops into his/her head, which not only gets annoying, but also gets pretty boring after a while.

Underneath the plethora of status updates, I see what feels like thousands personality quizzes and game scores, it’s insane. Sometimes it’s cool to know that your aura is the color red or that you made a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville, or any other games out there, but it’s starting to get a little too much now that it feels like someone is breaking new high scores every second.

Facebook has truly become too overwhelming in my opinion. I mean, there are people out there who spend way too much time detailing how they stubbed their toe on a trash can and then add tons of people to their friend list that they don’t know, and just need the friends for some Facebook game like Mafia Wars. Facebook has consumed many hours of our day when we could be hanging out with real, physically present people.

I’m not saying that Facebook is evil or anything, just that people spend too much time on it, and that they need to use a little discretion when posting. If you have some personality quiz frenzy, please don’t overload others’ news feeds with the fact that if you were a superhero you’d be Batman, or if you were a fruit you’d be a pineapple. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Also, please don’t post mindlessly on everything that comes to mind. We don’t need to know that you have some back fungus or something horrifyingly gross like that. Only post the major highlights of your day, if there are any. That way, your friends get to see only what truly mattered to you today, and they don’t have to see how you went to the store and there was no milk.

I hope that this helps the Facebook drones from completely losing themselves on Facebook and helps everyone else not feel so overwhelmed and annoyed by the number of updates and posts of random stuff. One last thought, just because you believe that Kayne West is a complete idiot, does not mean that you have to post it when everyone else is posting it to. After the first couple of times, I think we get the point.

Brian Manderscheid is a freshman engineering major. He can be reached for comment at bmandersch@smu.edu.

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