Family weekend presents another successful talent show

SMU hosted the 41st annual Family Weekend Talent Show this weekend. Hundreds of family members and fans crowded into the auditorium at 7:00 pm to see their loved ones perform and to be entertained.

The half full McFarlin auditorium hosted nine acts total performed during the show. The show included a winner that was picked by the judge, but also a crowd favorite. The crowd picked their favorite by texting in their favorite act.

The winner was Alison Nichols, whose act was singing and playing the guitar, winning the $750 grand prize.

She said she didn’t expect to win and it feels great to do so.

The crowd favorite was the Belle Tones, who performed their original version of Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers. They won a $250 prize for being the crowd favorite.

SMU President R. Gerald Turner believes the show was a success.

“The talent show is one of the things I like most about family weekend,” said Turner. He was also glad he was not a judge because he believed all the groups were great.

The talent show was organized back in January. The first round of auditions included an abundance of student groups performing and attempting to make the final cut, and ultimately being able compete for the final prize of $750.

Family Weekend.png
Performers during the 2016 Family Weekend Talent Show. Photo credit: SMU Family Weekend website

Ciara Cooley, who is the family weekend chair and an organizer for the show said, “I think the talent show went great, it was so much fun for everyone and I’m glad it went so well.”

In between each act, a group of five student emcees and a little dog mimicked the Wizard of Oz and introduced each act with a witty mini scene.

The acts ranged from singing, ballroom dancing, country dancing, poetry and much more.

SMU graduate Chris Jensen, who has a daughter who is a freshman at SMU, enjoyed the talent show.

“I thought the winners were very deserving. We were impressed with the groups and the solo acts,” said Jensen.

*Disclaimer: Nicholas Petrucelli is a contributor for The Daily Campus.

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