Final debate sparks discussion

Wednesday, Oct. 19, marked the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and, with it, the final of SMU’s Speech and Debate team’s viewing parties.

The third viewing event, held in a classroom in Umphrey Lee, attracted around 30 students and faculty, a higher number than the previous parties’ attendance.

SMU Speech and Debate. Photo credit: SMU Speech and Debate Facebook

Like the previous viewing events, Dr. Ben Voth opened the evening with a succinct lecture on the technical side of the debate as well as the personal.

“Debates should be about what is right, and not who is right,” Dr. Voth said.

The debate began at 8 p.m. and as Clinton and Trump took their seats, the crowd in Umphrey Lee fell quiet. The debate was interrupted only by peppered laughs and groans in response to the candidates’ quips.

At the conclusion of the debate the lights were turned back on and the audience began their discussion on the debate and the politics surrounding it. Most students spoke excitedly about the issues that had been presented by the two candidates.

“It’s good to see different people’s perspectives, especially with large groups like this,” SMU senior Tinsley Merril said.

Many students felt the same way, voicing their opinions on the debate’s outcome and engaging in discussion surrounding the performances of both candidates.

“It brings everyone together and educates people,” senior Lilly Sisto said. “It’s very educational and beneficial.”

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