Fittest members of SMU community compete in Mr. & Ms. SMU

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Neil Chang

March 31 marked the 20th annual Mr. and Ms. SMU bodybuilding and physique competition. The bottom level of Hughes-Trigg was buzzing with activity with many spectators driving over an hour to attend. The star-studded panel included the likes of celebrity trainer, Sagi Kalev.

Host Forest Turner Jr. started the evening off with a bang, keeping the tone light-hearted and inciting laughter throughout the auditorium. He quickly moved to introduce the women competing for the Ms. SMU title.

Contestant 1 elected to remain anonymous and was followed by Maci Mallahan, Charleigh Berry and Joanna Hobbie in taking the stage. All of the girls were incredibly toned, and filled the room with an air of confidence — certainly well deserved after the countless hours of preparation which they surely put in. Each young woman completed a sixty second fitness round, complete with dancing and gymnastic maneuvers. A symmetry round took place following the fitness round. The judging concluded with not one, but two pose-offs.

The audience — and surely the competitors — held their breath as Turner Jr. began to read off the winners.

Charleigh Berry took home Best Poser and second place, with Maci Mallahan earning third and Joanna Hobbie claiming this year’s crown. In addition to a title, flowers and a physical trophy, Hobbie received a bucket of protein, courtesy of GNC, for her big win.

After a short intermission, the men’s bodybuilding portion began. Brandon Yang, Alexandro Arreola-Garcia, Victor Beck, Ryan McKee, Spencer Banks and Austin Deters all took the stage, vying for the title of Mr. SMU.

This section moved quickly as well, beginning with a mandatory posing round, and then concluding with two pose downs. Despite the speed of the competition, the crowd never missed a second, screaming their favorite competitor’s name and cheering with vigor throughout.

The men’s portion ended as quickly as it began. Spencer Banks claimed third, Victor Beck rose to second, and Alexandro Arreola-Garcia—with his impressive moustache—earned both the title of Mr. SMU and Best Poser.

After also receiving a bucket of protein powder from GNC, Hobbie joined Arreola-Garcia onstage to take photos, showing off their incredible physique. After the ceremony, Hobbie said that she was ecstatic to finally be able to compete in Ms. SMU, despite the vigorous preparation.

“The preparation process drained me, it took so much out of me, from the intense dieting and hydrating to the sweaty daily workouts…getting up on stage and honestly just having fun in front of my friends and family made it all worth it,” Hobbie said.

For both winners, the title of Mr. and Ms. SMU put the cherry on top of their final semester on campus.

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