Flu Shot Opportunities in Dallas

Flu Season, which occurs during the months of November to February, is officially upon the Dallas area. However, there is still time to get a flu shot before the season peaks in December.

Here are the top three places to get your flu shot near campus:

1. Walgreens

Stop into Walgreens this season to get a free flu shot! You can even save five dollars off a twenty-dollar purchase when you get your flu shot. Click here to schedule an appointment.

2. SMU Health Center

Student can stop by the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center to receive a free flu shot. Appointments for flu shots can be made in the online Health Center portal using a student ID.

3. Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb provides three different types of vaccinations, so you can choose the best type for your lifestyle. Pick from a standard dose flu shot, a flublok® shot, or a Fluzone® High Dose shot. Receive 10% of your entire purchase at Tom Thumb when you get your immunization.