Football player arrested for sexual assault

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Police arrested Torlan Pittman, a sophomore back-up defensive lineman for the SMU Mustangs, Monday on an aggravated sexual assault charge for an incident that took place in Huntsville, Texas, according to a report by Bryan/College Station TV station KBTX.

Sean Weatherford, a fellow high school athlete with Pittman and a former baseball player for Sam Houston State University, was also arrested in connection to the case.

The incident took place in September during the Mustangs’ bye week. According to Huntsville police, a 22-year old woman claimed she was drugged at a party and taken back to Weatherford’s apartment.

Lab reports show that the woman tested positive for a prescription drug, which investigators believe she did not knowingly take. According to the investigators, the drug amplifies the effect of alcohol on the body.

“The impairment that night was severe to the point that she was in and out of consciousness during the time of the assault,” said Eric Scott, a detective with the Huntsville Police Department, in an interview with KBTX. “She remembered getting to the last after party but doesn’t remember anything beyond that.”

Investigators spoke to Pittman and Weatherford, and while the two admit to sleeping with the woman, they claim it was consensual. However witnesses at the party told police that the woman could barely walk that night.

“The way they [witnesses] described it was she was so intoxicated she couldn’t stand and he was just almost carrying her across the parking lot,” Scott said.

Pittman was arrested at SMU and will be transferred to Walker County jail. Weatherford was already apprehended and is being held in Walker County jail on bail for $100,000.
According to KBTX, SMU head coach June Jones has suspended Pittman indefinitely until the issue is resolved.

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