Funding freeze for Young Americans for Freedom expected as Student Senate vote looms

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The SMU chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) has learned that they are likely to be the subject of a funding freeze by Student Senate.

The sanctions are subject to a full vote in the student body when they finish off their inquiry into the questioned matter. As the Daily Campus understands, the incident that caused this was violation of a protocol for planning and hosting an event on campus.

“We understand that these sanctions were proposed by the Senate due to a simple misunderstanding of the facts,” according to Young Americans for Freedom chairman Price Morgan, “This morning, we provided information to the Senate that we believe will clarify the situation and will help them make the right decision choice by dismissing these sanctions before implementation.”

It is likely that the sanctions will be voted on during today’s session, the final session before Student Senate Elections on April 3-4.

If implemented, the funding freeze would be one of the more significant actions taken by Student Senate against an organization. It would likely mean YAF would not be capable of hosting an event again until next semester as the freeze would expire right before finals week.

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