Gun control debate goes national

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In the wake of the Arizona shootings, the Hill has been inundated with talk of increased gun control. But, as with Columbine and Virgina Tech, the talk generally levels out when the gun-related tragedies have faded from the news. Will the same be true with Arizona? We asked several strong voices on the issue for their opinion.

“With tragedies like what happened in Arizona both sides of the gun rights issue will yell and scream and cast about wild and crazy accusations against the other side. When the dust settles all the tragedy has accomplished relating to the general public’s opinions of gun rights is to set their views even more in stone.”

– Jonathan McClellan, owner of the conservative blog “The Right Side of Austin

“I suspect that those who were fervent advocates of strict gun control laws before the Arizona shooting will find in that tragedy an excuse to become even more fervent in their desire to limit gun rights, just as those who were staunch opponents of strict control will cite the shooting as an example of why the expansion of gun rights is so urgently needed.”

– Justin Till, chairman of Texas College Republicans

“I doubt that the shooting that occurred in Tucson, Arizona has an effect on how most Americans view gun control. Most Americans will continue to believe that gun ownership is a Constitutional right and that reasonable restrictions are appropriate for safety reasons.”

– David de la Fuente, president of SMU College Democrats


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