Hegi Career Center hosts economic networking event

Editor’s note, Nov. 3, 3:50 p.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

Senior economics major Samir Bajaj aspires to work for a consulting firm or financial company after graduation. Like his peers, he hopes to gain insight regarding the interview process and useful advice for paving his own career path.

“I want to learn from people who were in the same situation a few years ago as I am now,” said Bajaj.

That’s why Bajaj attended a Hegi Career Center hosted a networking event this week for current economic majors and recent graduates working in the field.

“We want this to be an informal conversation where students can learn about each alum’s path,” said career counselor Allie Travis.

SMU economics majors learn about their prospective field Photo credit: Blake Wetzel

From 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. seventeen students and four alumni gathered in Hughes Trigg to engage in short rounds of Q & A. Alumni rotated between groups of 10 students to share their expertise and answer students’ questions.

SMU alum Marcello Ortega now works for Willis of Texas Inc. and drew upon his own experiences to offer advice. At the insurance and brokerage firm he obtained what he now describes as his most valued skill:

”Learning how to deal with circumstances that aren’t in my favor and people who aren’t on my side,” said Ortega. “Sometimes being likeable isn’t enough.”

SMU students network with alumni Photo credit: Blake Wetzel

In addition to learning valuable skills, students asked alums about the interview process for each of their companies, what employers are looking for in graduated students, and what to expect as an entry level employee.

Partnering with economics professor Dr. Kathy Hayes, the Hegi Career Center compiled a list of the most recent graduates with economics degrees in order to best relate to this new wave of young professionals.

The career center believes that the networking event will heighten students understanding of the economics field and inspire them to expand their application process to include a variety of companies and positions.

any one major there are so many career paths,” said Assistant Director of
Employer Relations Alicia Love. “Choosing your occupation doesn’t have to be a
linear operation.”

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