Hershey’s information session a treat for students

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Several students happily munched on Hershey’s chocolate bars while listening to a job and internship information session hosted by the Hershey Company on Jan. 29.

Sweet treats at the Hershey info session Photo credit: Gianni Windahl

“We are a knowledge company, not a snack or chocolate company,” said Mike Ferrero, district sales manager for the Dallas branch of Hershey’s.

Ferrero introduced three other representatives for the Hershey’s brand who individually spoke to the cluster of seven students about a post-graduation job position titled retail sales representative (RSR).

He highlighted the fact that the four men on the podium started as RSRs and were promoted in the company within two years, taking positions such as customer sales executive and district sales manager.

“It’s a big, big career, not just a job,” said Ferrero.

The position places recent grads and interns in charge of sales and promotion plans with retailers in the territory, implementing promotional and merchandising strategies, and monitoring distribution in retailers.

“The average representative has around $5 million that he is responsible for,” said Ferrero.

Retail sales representatives are paid $39,000 a year and have four components of compensation, including a 401(k) and company car.

Another key opportunity Ferrero mentioned is a paid retail sales representative internship position. He said that the company will “carve out territory” in Texas, and the intern will work 20 hours a week for six months.

Steven Moore, the area sales director for the Southwest, ended the session.

“Come to the organization, and be tomorrow’s leaders,” said Moore.

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