High tech gifts for brothers and sisters


For all those who are looking for the best ways to stay up to date with technology, you can’t go wrong with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is built for everyone and its sleek, light design makes it easy to take it anywhere.

It features a built-in universal remote app, which gives its users the ability to control their TV and DVD/Blu-Ray players.

In addition to that, it has more than 750,000 apps to choose from in the Google Play store.

It comes in pearl white and black as well. It’s great for quick browsing, and something both tech pros and first time tablet users are sure to love.

Ever leave the house dreading the moment when your phone will die?

Getting sick of carrying multiple chargers everywhere? Ventev’s Wallport R2200 Dual USB Universal Rapid Charger is great for road warriors and people who are constantly on the go. For only $20 the Ventev charger has two places to connect any USB-powered smartphone or tablet. So whether you’re an iPhone person or an Android person, both can charge quickly and at the same time.

The Ventev charger is useful and does exactly what it promises; it’s a great way to lighten the load as far as having to carry around all those annoying chargers goes.

We’ve all had that short -ived moment of joy when we find there’s free Wi-Fi only to realize that so many people are using it, that it’s slow, and next to useless. Novatel Wireless now offers a solution to that problem with its MiFi Liberate Hotspot.

For $50 with a two-year carrier contract, or $170 without a contract you can now have your own uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

This is a great option for students or even people who travel a lot and are in need of Wi-Fi at times and places where it may not always be available.

The Liberate is touchscreen, small and easy to carry, and offers fast Web connections to up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Its has 12 solid hours of battery life, enough for a productive day of work.

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