Hope turns to dismay for College Democrats

Texas has been following the campaigns of Beto O’ Rourke and Ted Cruz as they race to be elected as Senator on Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018. There was an overwhelming amount of vocal support for Beto O’ Rourke. He was a new face in politics that was ready to bring political and social change–not just to Texas, but to the country.

College Democrats at SMU hosted a watch party for the results last night in Virgina-Snider Residential Commons. Ann Batenburg, one of SMU’s faculty-in-residence, allowed students to come to her apartment, watch the election, and enjoy catered sandwiches from Jimmy Johns as well as homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Huddled around the TV, students chatted and anxiously waited for election results. Some even rocked “Beto for Senate” t-shirts. Finally, the NBC reporter announced that Republican incumbent Ted Cruz had won.

The room fell silent. An immediate wave of sadness swept over the apartment as the reporter went on announcing results from other states.

“Beto did better than we expected and it’s a great start to turning Texas purple,” Batenburg said.

Students were visibly upset as many gathered their belongings to head back to their dorm room.

“Beto did better than we expected and it’s a great start to turning Texas purple.”

“I’m disappointed that Beto lost, but I was surprised by the massive voter turnout and hopeful considering the Democratic pick-ups in the house,” student Scott Peters said.

Despite the loss for the College Democrats, some remain hopeful for the 2020 election.