Humans of Crum Instagram shares funny anecdotes, insights

Humans of Crum Screenshot
A screenshot of the Humans of Crum Instagram page.

From a junior who professes her love for basketball player Jonathan Wilfong, to a sophomore who prides himself on his beard, the Humans of Crum Instagram account tells the stories of Crum’s residents.

Inspired by the famous account Humans of New York, freshman Grant Hibbard said he created the account to “connect residents of all different backgrounds” as a part of Commons Council.

Gabrielle Bear
Junior Gabrielle Bear

Junior Gabrielle Bear, a resident assistant in Crum, was pictured holding her phone in front of her face.

“I like the account. I think it’s a relatable and easy way for residents to know and be known in our community, which is what we strive for in Crum,” Bear said.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.22.43 PM.png
Sophomore Chase Peairs

Sophomore Chase Peairs, sporting a full, shaggy beard, said the photos are streamed through the TV next to the elevator in Crum.

“It’s interesting to see what some of our residents have to say,” Peairs said about the photos.

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