Hurricane Ian Doesn’t Spare SMU Students

SMU students from Florida are still likely to feel the effects of hurricane season when they make the move to Dallas.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 2:23 p.m. CST, Category 4 Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers, Fla., and was forecast to move into central Florida overnight Wednesday and Thursday.

Students like sophomore Bellie Woods feel nostalgic about preparing for storms in Florida while growing up. When Hurricane Ian was moving quickly toward Florida, Woods said she wished she could be with family and friends.

“Obviously, it’s scary but all of my friends in college are all off of school and together and I’m missing out on all of the fun,” Woods said.

SMU athletics are also impacted by the storm. The SMU football team was scheduled to play the University of Central Florida in Orlando on Saturday, Oct. 1, but the game was rescheduled for Sunday due to Hurricane Ian’s position and its forecasted path.

SMU Women’s Soccer is scheduled to play the University of Southern Florida in Dallas on Thursday night. The USF soccer team had to change their travel plans to avoid the storm. They originally planned to fly down on Wednesday, but had to drive to Atlanta on Monday evening and fly out Tuesday morning. They will be staying in Dallas until they can get back to Florida safely.