Impending changes to SMU’s University Curriculum

On Monday, Oct. 22 through Friday, Oct. 26 the faculty of Southern Methodist University will be voting on proposed changes to the University’s curriculum.

The current university curriculum consists of four sets of requirements: Foundation, Breadth, Depth, and Proficiencies and Experiences. A proposed change is to remove Depth Requirements and increase work in Breadth Requirements as a replacement. The University hopes to simplify the Breadth structure by eliminating the 12-day student selection requirement and offering more courses that simultaneously fulfill two breadth requirements. Departments will now be allowed to offer as many breadth categories as fit rather than just four which they are currently limited to. In the new proposal, students will have to complete eight courses to satisfy Breadth requirements.

Depth requirements are not the only part of the UC that did not make the cut in the new proposal. If approved, Personal Responsibility and Wellness (PRW) will also be eliminated from the curriculum.

The Technology and Mathematics Breadth requirement will be replaced with Technology Advances and Society. This new requirement will place less of an emphasis on mathematics. Students will still be required to take two science courses with a lab.

With the proposal, the faculty is also hoping to put a greater emphasis on writing and critical analysis. One of the changes the university is proposing requires students to take both Discernment and Discourse 1312 and Discernment and Discourse 1313 at SMU. The current curriculum allows for students who have taken AP English courses in high school to test out of DISC 1312, with the new curriculum this will no longer be an option.

The proposed changes to the UC are intended to make it easier to complete a minor or a second major. Next week, the faculty will vote on whether or not to approve the new university curriculum, and whether or not to approve a discussion on recommendations.