Introducing your 2015-2016 Student Senate

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Student Senate election results were announced Thursday, April 2. As a result of the near-tie for Student Body President, there will be a runoff vote later this week between Carlton Adams and JB Stockslager. Polling will open April 8 at midnight and close April 9 at 5 p.m.

Note: this is the current list of elected Senators. After the runoff, either Adams or Stockslager will be President instead of his given senate seat.

President: Undecided

Vice President: Junior Connor Volz was elected Vice President. As previously stated in an interview with The Daily Campus, one of Volz’s goals is to “reform not only the Finance committee’s standards and procedures, but also to better the liaison process between senators and their respective organizations they directly serve.” This will be Volz’s fourth year in office.


Secretary: Sophomore James Jang was elected Secretary. In an earlier interview with The Daily Campus, Jang said he would like to provide more information to the student body about Student Senate updates. “There’s a lot of times where Student Senate passes legislation and campus has no idea what we’re doing…A monthly email which summarizes what Senate is doing would help that communication barrier,” Jang said. This will be Jang’s third year in office.


Graduate Affairs Officer: Graduate student Sarah-Michelle Stearns was elected Graduate Affairs Officer. Stearns stated in a previous interview with The Daily Campus, if elected, her main goal would be “to advocate on behalf of graduate students so that their needs are met.” This will be Stearns’ first year in office.


The following is the full election result list for all senators:


  • JB Stockslager
  • Brian Yen
  • Gregory Hopkins
  • Alexander Garner
  • Colleen Mackenzie
  • Kayce Pederson
  • Shane McLaughlin


  • Christian Harvey
  • Jesse Dawson
  • Alexandra Maffei
  • Carlton Adams
  • Spencer Forrest
  • Emily Dombrowski


  • Robert Slaughter
  • Whitney Babin
  • Betsy Ehmke
  • Austin Flanagan
  • Chase Harker
  • Joseph Hansen


  • Aveline Chan
  • Becca Rothstein
  • Christopher Warley


  • Donna Charkhkar
  • Arthur Troy
  • Willam Jones
  • Vivian Frederick
  • Nicolas McLaughlin
  • Margaret Schmidt
  • Claire Hermeling


  • Gregg Suglia
  • Gentry Wilburn


  • Garrett Fisher


  • Tien Dang


  • Hamiz Awan


  • Keya Tollosa
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