iPhone 7 reveal stirs up SMU students

It’s Sept. 7 around midday. Apple CEO Tim Cook assumed his typical spot on the stage in San Francisco, California to reveal the release of the iPhone 7.

Some students are familiar with the release—the new bells, whistles and contingent cons—while others aren’t.

Buzzing topics include the dual camera, lack of a headphone jack, size and water resistance.

The two-lens feature includes a wide angle and a telephoto lens. The lenses can work in tandem or solo.

Other top smartphone providers and Apple competitors HTC, LG, and Huawei phones already implement this camera technology. Yet tech magazine Wired named these dual cameras “the new normal” for smartphones with their addition to the infamous iPhone.

The absence of the headphone jack marks Apple’s move towards wireless headphones, which they market with the iPhone—for an additional $159.Apple will offer a new pair of headphones that fit into the lightening port.

The iPhone 7 plus rings in $769 as Apple’s most expensive price tag yet.

The lightening port has taken over many Apple devices, including the MacBook.

With fewer phone openings, the device is now more water resistant.

Apple also doubled the base storage content to 32 GB, from the previous benchmark of 16.

Though new Apple products typically buzz for SMU students, some students are still unfamiliar with the new launch.

When Claire Gracie, Finance major at SMU, was asked if she was familiar with the iPhone 7, she responded, “No. But I’m getting it.”

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