It’s Flu Season

Fall is here and the flu is just around the corner. And, people are arming themselves for the season.

“We have two main flus in Dallas flu A and flu B,” said Rachel Nettune, RN, MS, at SMU’s Dr. Bob Smith Health Center.

In 2017, the flu claimed over 150 lives in Dallas.

“Last year was a big bummer. It did not have great coverage over the strains that were here in Dallas county. Even if we get a season where maybe the vaccine is not spot on to what researchers were hoping it would be at least you’re going to have some immunity build up,” said Nettune.

Even though the shot may not keep you from getting the flu, some feel it is the best way to fight off illnesses.

“Even though I know it doesn’t always work and its sometimes a guessing game I just think it’s just not work it to get the flu just because you didn’t get it,” former Student Health Educator, Laura Bell.

Some believe that the flu shot is injecting unnecessary illnesses into your body.

And the shot, it just won’t help.

“Growing up, my mom never had us get any vaccines. I have gotten the flu however I know people who have gotten the flu shot and have gotten the flu,” SMU student Cassie Free.

“The preservatives are much better. We used to have a lot of preservatives in it that concerned people. But now it’s a nonissue,” said Nettune.

But, experts say it’s better to get the shot rather than take chances.

“You don’t have time to be sick. You have classes, you have concerns, you have a life and concerns and with the flu you’re most likely to be down for five to fifteen days,” said Nettune.

It’s ultimately the individual’s decision; taking the shot or taking the risk.