It’s not just Florida anymore

Spring break is no longer a road trip to Florida.

Study Breaks, a college life entertainment company, surveyed over 200 college students and found that two-thirds will spend five hundred dollars or more on a spring break trip.

“For spring break I’m going to the Bahamas,” said Paulina Leiva.

Leiva is one of many SMU students who paid the high price to meet college spring break expectations.

“I ended up paying maybe two thousand five hundred dollars for the whole trip,” said Leiva.

However, many students use travel agents to help with the planning and cost of larger groups. Advisor for All Aboard Travel, Kathryn Smith, reveals some of the pros to working with a travel agent.

“They do get a little better deal, it just depends on how much you want to spend. But yes, the group rates can work out less expensive than just if you go by yourself,” said Smith.

Even Leiva realizes how crazy it sounds for students to attend trips like hers.

“I think it’s ridiculous that a lot of students are used to going on amazing trips like this, and really splurging for a few days,” said Leiva.

The splurging does not start there. Weeks in advance, students will attend work out classes and shopping sprees just to achieve that spring break look and make sure their expectations are met.

Even though some students are off somewhere far away, others find peace and quiet by going home or staying on campus for the week. Brooke Naylor is one of those students.

“I’m pretty tired at this point in the semester after midterms. Going home and resting and seeing my family and my friends from home is the best thing for me at this point,” said Naylor.