JanTerm is one of SMU student’s favorite alternatives to summer school. Students are able to complete a 3-hour course in 8 days. The classes move quickly with several hours a day. They concentrate on a smaller class size and just one subject. What many don’t know is that some students on campus have to receive special approval to take these classes. Sorority member Sullivan Tankersley reminisces on her time in JanTerm last January.

“I took JanTerm last year and it was a really good learning experience because it was smaller classes for sure but there weren’t very many girls in it because obviously, it interferes with recruitment,” Tankersley says.

SMU sorority members have another hoop to jump through when it comes to taking JanTerm classes. Sorority member Simone Allen talks about her experience of getting approved by her sororities recruitment board.

“First I had to talk about it with my sorority since recruitment is during the same time and get permission just to make sure it was something I really needed to do,” Allen said.

Recruitment although fun, is a lot of work and endless hours. In the past, many have tried to use JanTerm as a way out. This is not the case Anymore. Unfortunately, it is starting to affect the amount of people who sign up for the classes. Professor Carrie La Ferle has taught both JanTerm and MayTerm.

“I have had some issues with JanTerm and sororities specifically and in that case, we have had special wavers that sororities have allowed,” La Ferle says.

Anyone who plans to join a house cannot participate in JanTerm since recruitment takes up 5 of the 8 days required for JanTerm your sorority will most likely approve your JanTerm request if the class will keep you on track to graduate in four years and that it can’t be taken at any other time.

“Specifically, they will only approve it if it’s absolutely vital to you graduating,” Allen says.