Javier Diaz comes to SMU by way of Mexico

People might think that being in Texas you are surrounded by the best Mexican food you can find. Senior business major Javier Diaz begs to differ. Diaz is from Monterrey, Mexico and has been living in Dallas and attending SMU for the past two years.

“I miss tacos, not the ones like Taco Bell but real tacos and tortas, most of all though I miss home cooked food,” said Diaz.

Diaz chose to leave the comfort of his hometown after experiencing an exchange program in Canada when he was in high school. Diaz decided to attend college in the U.S. and moved to Austin, Texas were he attended Austin Community College.

“I first attended College in Austin but then I decided to transfer to SMU,” he said.

Diaz transferred to SMU because of how good the Cox business school is and because it’s in Dallas. He promptly found an apartment close to campus and a roommate that he still has to this day.

Senior film major Ben Ohene has lived with Diaz for the past two years. Ohene also shares the same sentiments as Diaz when it comes to living together.

“We hit it off real nicely, I was like this guy is chill and he was like wow this guy is chill also. So we moved in together and that’s when the magic just began,” said Ohene.

Ben “is really cool,” he said. “We have lived together for two years and have never fought or argued,”

A common ground that Ohene and Diaz share is their enjoyment of eating a well prepared meal.

“We both like to cook and eat and so the enchiladas just rolled out,” said Ohene.

Although occasionally missing the comforts of home, Diaz has managed to make a life for himself at SMU, and enjoys many aspects of being a mustang.

Ben and Javier.jpg
Diaz wearing a white shirt in the front row poses for a team photo (Photograph courtesy of Facebook).

“I live close to campus and take the SMU express to get here. I am also on the rugby team and the guys on the team are really cool,” said Diaz.

Diaz also mentioned the beauty of the campus as well as the beauty of his fellow female students.

“There are a lot of beautiful girls as well so that is a really great part about being here,” said Diaz.

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