JFK Letters

After the announcement on Nov. 22, 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, letters to Dallas’ Mayor, Earle Cabell, started pouring in. The telegrams ranged from sorrowful love for the city of Dallas to deep, enraged hatred toward the events that took place here. SMU’s own DeGolyer Library archives this historical treasure trove. The Daily Campus has read through the letters and will showcase some of them in a series to run three times a week leading up to the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death. These letters are verbatim, please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Earle Cabell jpeg.jpg
DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, Earle Cabell Papaers, Mss16

“Honorable Mayor of Dallas: I wish to take the opportunity on behalf of the citizens and myself as mayor of Newcastle, Wyoming to extend our sympathies to all the citizens of dallas that have so humbled themselves for a deed of which they had no control, that caused so dark a day in our nation. We pray for a fast recovery of your governor connally.” — Mayor of Newcastle, Wyoming, Nov. 25, 1963

“the hon earle cabell: I strongly urge that you take immediate and positive action to inform your citizens of the gravity of the situation which continues in your city and use whatever measures are necessary to insure that the image of dallas does not become increasingly unfavorable to their fellow citizens of the united states.” —
A man from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, Nov. 24, 1963

“Mayor Earle Cabell: Your stand courageous and proper against those more concerned that it happened in dallas than that it happened at all.” –A couple from
Princeton, New Jersey, Nov. 26, 1963.

“Mayor of dallas: Mayor you have received people of the united states especially one mister stevens. People of dallas hit him in the head with eggs and insulted him, billy graham the 2nd one. Now how much more do we have to take, I believe your people are in apology and each member to go to the church where they belong whether synagogue protestant or catholic and please get your people straightened out.” –A man from Miami Florida, Nov. 24, 1963

Cabell, mayor of the city: please accept our more sincere condolences for the
tragic loss of the beloved president John F. Kennedy one of the greatest
statemen of the world and a great friend of mexico.” — Consul of Mexico, Nov 23 1963

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