Katherine Wright Profile

Balancing school is already hard enough for most, but for this student, helping others motivates her to keep an organized schedule.

Katherine Wright is junior studying biology with the hopes of later going into med school.
“…so hopefully med school. That was the intent and I don’ know coming to school too helps you to realize so many different passions as well outside the world of pre-health so I feel like I’m kind of a non- traditional pre-health applicant and that I’ve hadn’t have as much volunteering and as much like themed extracurricular things themed to pre-health,” said Wright.

Wright has a passion for wellness as well as leadership which is why she tries to be involved with as much as she can on campus.

She is involved with student wellness champions. She is VP of Panhellenic for delta gamma, vice president of med life, works as a campus ambassador and is a fitness instructor at deadman center.

“Katherine is such a joy, she has a constant smile on her face and is always so willing to help, ” said Sophie Pasternak, Wright’s colleague.

One way she promotes a healthy lifestyle is with her fit in five fitness classes.

Her unique way of teaching the class helps encourage participants to come back for more.

“I like Katherine because she is just so bubbly and has a great personality. She’s always smiling, she always has such a great attitude and energy and she always seems so optimistic,” said Jean Bojues, Wright’s friend.

Not only does she have to focus on teaching but the teacher later becomes the student in her path to pre-med.
Wright is hopeful to make an impact in the SMU community and help as many as possible maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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