Leaders provide tickets, transportation to TCU

SMU’s Student Senate is selling 200 student tickets to the SMU v. TCU game Saturday. Students can also choose the option to ride a bus to and from Fort Worth. A ticket and transportation will cost students $50 and can be purchased at the ticket office in Ford Stadium.

“People should go buy tickets,” Student Body President Ramon Trespalacios said. “We want to emphasize the students supporting the team in Fort Worth.”

Student Senate met Tuesday night, opening discussion with a resolution to add the SMU value statement to the weekly senate agenda. The senate will vote on the legislation, which was written by all first-year senators, next Tuesday.

“It’s really cool to see the future leaders of the campus buying into what past leaders proposed,” Trespalacios said.

Last night’s senate meeting was the first to be live-streamed online and received 124 views. Every meeting will now be live-streamed and Trespalacios said he plans to post the link on his Facebook page.

Student Senate Scholarship applications are now being accepted until Oct. 18 and can be found on the Student Senate website.

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