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Disney not at fault

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the editorial in the March 26 edition of The Daily Campus. As a former Walt Disney World cast member, I am stunned at the false statements printed in the paper. I worked for Disney World from January to August 2001 and this article is entirely misleading.

First of all, the 100 Years of Magic celebration mentioned in the article was in pre-production long before I went to work for the Mouse. When I arrived at the Disney-MGM Studios in January, the park was in the process of building a new park icon to debut at the celebration. The celebration began in October of 2001 as scheduled. All parkwide celebrations begin in the first month of the “Disney year” and last 15 months. Walt Disney World made a decision to stay on schedule after the president advised Americans to go on with their lives.

The celebration was slated to coincide with the year of Walt Disney’s birth, 1901. If the editorial board would pay attention to the commercials, TV ads for the celebration state, “Come celebrate Walt’s birth.” The commercials were filmed in March of 2001, way before Sept. 11 happened.

As for merchandise, Disney World has always sold expensive souvenirs. The souvenirs in question were priced and developed before Sept. 11. Souvenirs, after all, are not mandatory purchases.

I would advise the editorial board to research their editorials in more detail before they jump to conclusions.

Baily Briggs
Cinema/Television Major

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