Local garden houses over 500 exotic butterflies

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(Willow Blythe/ The Daily Campus)

Hundreds of butterfly fanatics fluttered to the Texas Butterfly Discovery Gardens at Fair Park in Dallas Saturday.

A guided tour was provided of the two-story habitat which housed over 500 free-flying butterflies and more than 60 species of tropical plants. People from ages 3 to 60 and up enjoyed a beautiful in-depth look at the exciting world of butterflies and their coexistence with colorful tropical plants.

“It was something I had never experienced before,” local SMU continuing education student Angelo Zaccanelli said. “Not only is it a visual experience, but you learn so much too.”

During the guided tour, visitors were taught about the life span of the butterfly and how they play a huge role in our ecosystem today. Exotic butterflies, bought from national farms in places like Belize, Asia, Costa Rica and Honduras, glided freely through the air as the tour lead on.

“The butterflies were so cool to watch,” Karolyn Miller, 11, said. “I love their wings and how they can fly.” Karolyn was one of many young butterfly enthusiasts who traveled to the Discovery Gardens to learn and experience the captivating world of butterflies.

The Texas Discovery Gardens not only teach children, but also provide detailed tours and field trips for visitors of all ages. With 7.5 acres housing diverse gardens of several exotic plants, it is a wonderful place to learn.

“We have our own variety of children’s educational programs, which teach many interesting facts about butterflies and the science of the ecosystem,” Kerry Ragsdill, garden employee and gift shop manager, said. “It is such a learning curve for all of our students.”

The Texas Discovery Gardens vicinity is the first organic public garden in Texas. The original building itself has been there since 1936, built for the original centennial. It is not only informational, but a historical place as well. Many students who attend the programs offered by the Discovery Gardens not only learn about butterflies and the ecosystem, but they also get a glimpse into the interesting history surrounding the gardens.

As of the last two years, the Texas Discovery Gardens is now a year long event that anyone visiting the Dallas Metroplex will be able to experience.

For more information on dates, future tours or programs offered, visit http://www.TexasDiscoveryGardens.org.

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