‘Love Your Body Week’ campaign promotes positive body image, mindful eating

The Mustang Fitness Club began its 6th annual “Love Your Body Week” campaign Oct. 19 to promote positive body image and healthy eating habits.

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The weeklong event will take place at the Dedman Recreational Center, which will host free GX fitness classes until Oct. 23 in promotion for this cause.

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In addition to the events at Dedman, the “Love Your Body Week” campaign has also featured plastered posters over mirrors on campus with inspirational quotes as a reminder of self-love and acceptance.

Mustang Fitness Club president, Amanda Woodruff, says the goal for this year’s campaign is for students to learn to be content with their bodies.

“Beauty is personal to each individual; it is not a prescription body type,” Woodruff said. “I hope students will learn to not only appreciate their own body, but also appreciate the variety of body types around them and the beauty in each one.”

The “Love Your Body” campaign addresses issues like body image and healthy eating on campus in order to inform students and help them gain confidence and knowledge about the topic.

According to Woodruff, a positive body image means being content with the body you have, not comparing yourself to others, and knowing what your body is physically capable of and loving it regardless.

In regards to healthy eating, Woodruff says healthy eating habits does not mean eating organic foods 100 percent of the time, but rather eating a balance of foods that make your body feel good.

“Healthy eating could mean eating a cookie on the weekend or a chocolate bar on those bad days, then that’s what it is,” Woodruff said. “Some people function better off mainly vegetables, while others need more meat in their diet. A healthy diet looks different for each individual.”

The “Love Your Body” campaign hosts different fitness classes and events each day, ending Thursday Oct. 22 with a dinner symposium at 6:30 p.m. with free food and prizes in the Hughes-Trigg Ballroom.

For more information, visit the Mustang Fitness Club website.

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